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Agra 2017 — Rostselmash for German Farmers

26 Mai 2017

At the exhibition Agra 2017 the visitors could see and learn more about the highly professional machines manufactured by Rostselmash.RSM 161 Combine Harvester with a header was also presented here.  This machine helps German agrarians to increase the business profitability due to its high performance, loss minimisation, and ease of control.  

“High performance of a machine is often not an argument for agricultural producers, but the ability to use it to the full extent is another thing altogether. So, optimisation of all processes and joining them, for example, in one management system is now playing a huge role in the agriculture of today. Thereat, some innovative digital solutions are available even now. For example, Rostselmash offers the Agrotronic — a system of remote monitoring and control of agricultural machines,” a representative of Rostselmash noted.

For the period of the exhibition work, the stand of Rostselmash was attended by more than 300 farmers. They had an opportunity to communicate with the specialists and experts of the Company, learn about the trends determining the future of agricultural machine building.